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Fast pace, fast growing, but still cool, calm and collected.

established in 2009...
Open Escrow

a simplified full service escrow company

All Set Escrow brings you a tech forward experience with human connection & personal touch, and an unparalleled expertise. Our dedicated team prioritizes your welfare and strives to cultivate lasting connections with agents, buyers, and sellers, emphasizing a personal approach.

Our singular focus is to enhance the escrow experience, making it swifter, simpler, and more transparent for all parties involved in real estate transactions.

The traditional methods of managing escrow are outdated. It's time to modernize and streamline the process, reducing stress and increasing convenience for our clients. We are committed to transparency and provide complete pricing details on our website.

Choosing the right team for your escrow needs is crucial. We at All Set Escrow are eager to demonstrate the difference our service can make in your transactions. We look forward to your acquaintance!

meet our team

Erica MacLean
Manager/Senior Escrow Officer
Kris Cummings
Escrow Officer
Alex (Alejandra) Moser
Escrow Officer
Ali Romero
Business Development Manager