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all set escrow process

Day 1: Offer Initiation

The buyer and seller reach an agreement on the sale price, marking the start of the home closing process.

Week 1: Opening of Escrow

The buyer deposits earnest money into the newly established escrow account.

Week 1 and Beyond: Inspection Phase

Various inspections commence, potentially including termite, agent visual, home, and lender appraisal inspections.

Week 2: Repair Negotiations

Any negotiations or requests arising from the inspection findings are addressed during this period.

Day 17: Contingency Releases

Time to sign off on contingency releases, either traditionally or via digital platforms like DocuSign.

Day 21: Loan Approval

The buyer focuses on obtaining loan approval, which is contingent on the appraisal confirming the property's value for securing closing funds.

Day 22: Commencement of Repairs

The seller begins any agreed-upon repairs to ensure the property meets the conditions of the sale.

Week 4: Securing Funding

Following a successful appraisal, the buyer finalizes the arrangements for funding the purchase.

Up to 5 Days Before Closing: Final Walk-Through

An optional final walk-through is available for the buyer to inspect the property.

Closing Day: Completion of Escrow

The property title is transferred from the seller to the buyer, who receives the keys, while the seller obtains the sale proceeds.

escrow frequently asked questions

  1. What is Escrow? Escrow is a neutral third party that holds and regulates payment of funds and documents related to the property transaction, ensuring a fair and secure process.

  2. Should I get pre-qualified by a lender before house shopping? Pre-qualification is highly recommended as it gives you a clear idea of your budget and strengthens your position as a buyer.

  3. How long does the closing process usually take? The closing process typically takes about 30 days, but it can vary based on individual circumstances.

  4. What should I look for in an Escrow company? Look for a company with experience, a strong reputation, and the ability to handle various aspects of the escrow process efficiently.

  5. Why should I choose All Set Escrow over other escrow companies? Choose All Set Escrow for our expertise, personalized service, and commitment to making the escrow process smooth and stress-free.

  6. I am a real estate agent. How can All Set Escrow help me? We provide agents with reliable, efficient escrow services, supporting them in every transaction to ensure success.

  7. Should I order an appraisal on my house before selling? An appraisal can provide a realistic idea of your home's value, though it's not always necessary before listing.

  8. Who decides who will process my escrow? The choice of an escrow company is typically a joint decision between the buyer and seller, often influenced by their real estate agents.

  9. What is this “one-stop shopping” I hear so much about? One-stop shopping refers to having multiple real estate services, like realtors, lenders, and escrow, under one roof for convenience.

  10. What inspections do I need? Inspections can vary, but common ones include home inspections, appraisals, and sometimes pest inspections.

  11. Who orders the termite inspection? The party responsible for ordering a termite inspection can vary but is often the seller or as negotiated in the purchase agreement.